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Welcome to Whole Health MD Wellness

November 1st marks our first anniversary at the 2217 N. Lincoln location. The lettering on the front windows says: Whole Health MD, Integrative Center

Please visit our new website: Beyond expected information about our practice, it will be a platform for sharing medical information you can use to support your work with me on preventing illness and restoring health.

Testimonials from numerous patients who have improved their health using our basic “take out the bad and put in the good” approach are on the website for your review. My hope is that they will serve to encourage you and reassure that measures that support the body’s healing capacity make sense and they work. I am encouraged by these personal comments as practicing this type of medicine is a lot more labor intensive that just writing prescriptions, but responses such as these compel me to keep learning more and passing it on to you.

I have been studying with Dr. Hult to bring the Biomeridian testing to our practice. Dr. Hult has been using it for over 25 years and I have been impressed by how helpful this approach can be to check for food allergies and sensitivities as well as tell us where there might be some imbalances in organ functions. I will be starting to use this machine with my patients this month. To learn more about this topic please go to You Tube and search BioMeridian testing and watch the presentation by Darren Mc Duffie first and some of the others ones.

Thanks to Dr. Stephen Gundry, I have become more keenly aware of the role of inflammation, not only in heart disease, but in chronic disease in general. From him I came to learn the powerful role of diet and specific supplements to reverse inflammation and help restore health. As I keep seeing more patients with chronic illnesses, I find myself explaining to them how inflammation contributes to their illness. This opens the way for discussing and implementing an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. Simply put, things that increase inflammation include stress, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, lack of sleep, worrying, etc. Things that decrease inflammation include more fruits and vegetables, good sleep, exercise, love, yoga, prayer, etc. Things that make you feel comfortable or safe will tend to lower inflammation. With this simple paragraph, you can start your own anti-inflammatory lifestyle and start reversing chronic disease and restoring health. For more of the role of the foods I mentioned and creating inflammation, check out and the website of Robb Wolf. Please review these important websites before your next consultation to discuss any chronic ailments.

If you’ve been at the office the last few months, you’ve probably heard me remind you to practice your breath awareness. “Go back to your breath” is the phrase I’m using during the consultations to encourage you to develop this health restoring technique. Once I understood that most chronic disease has an inflammatory component, I started recommending healthier diets to reduce inflammation. Perhaps even more important, is reducing your experience of stress. Stress creates inflammation, which explains why stress makes most diseases worse. As in my own personal life, breath awareness is a tool to practice functional stress management. It helps you stay centered and overtime less likely to get pulled into other people’s drama, and even your own drama that creates so much tension and stress.

More and more is being uncovered about the powerful benefits of adequate Vitamin D levels. Recent papers have noted that low Vitamin D levels are associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, sudden death, and heart disease. We have already known about the important role of Vitamin D in helping people with inflammatory diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Chrohn’s disease, and numerous autoimmune diseases that support the idea that inflammation is present in most chronic diseases.


About Dr. Marco De La Cruz

As a board certified family physician with many years of experience, I have come to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of conventional medicine. Opening a blocked coronary artery or antibiotics to cure pneumonia is a modern miracle indeed. However, the more common, chronic diseases do not do as well in the conventional apporach of making a diagnosis and choosing a pharmaceutical drug. These medications may be helpful, but in many chronic health problems they do not cure ailments or restore health. Unfortunately, the side effects of pharmeceutical treatments can reduce the quality of life and even cause death. I believe there can not be limits to the search for answers to my patients' health problems. This belief has guided me in the development to a personalized, integrative approach to optimal health. By using conventional medicine as a starting point and adding effective remedies from natural and nutritional medicine, I am able to provide my patients with the counsel they seek and be a more effective partner in restoring health.


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