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For most of us, lectins are like “ incoming missiles” that make little holes in the lining of our small intestine. This opens the door for lectins and other proteins to come in contact with the immune system which must react to defend.

Our Philosophy


​We believe that knowledge can be empowering.  The more we understand how our body functions and the mechanisms that cause imbalance and disease, the better prepared we are to improve our wealth.  Our office is committed to educating you about your body, and how it works, and how to heal it.  We believe in working with our patients as partners, to learn from each other in our journey together to maximize your health.

By promoting self-health concepts, strategies, and techniques, we empower you to acheive optimal health as described in Balancing Act, A Mind, Body, and Spirit Approach to Optimal Health.

  We are an established practice with more than three decades of experience, but more than that we are your partner in your pursuit of optimal health.

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