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Medically Surpervised Weight Loss

For many Americans, healthy weight loss is essential for overall health. The medical concern is that obesity moves you towards many chronic diseases we associate with aging including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. In addition, because obesity, especially central obesity (belly fat), brings with it more inflammation, you are likely to experience more pain and fatigue. Inflammatory medical conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Psoriasis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Lyme Disease will be made worse because of the natural inflammatory chemicals in abdominal fat.

For most Americans, weight gain is almost always a consequence of poor eating habits and too little exercise. Simply put, if you eat more calories than you burn, you must gain weight. However, all calories are not created equal. Research has shown that participants on an 1800 calorie low carb diet lost 30% more than those on an 1800 low-fat diet. A lower carb diet means less sugar to stimulate insulin that promotes fat storage as well as blood sugar control.


From a medical perspective healthy weight loss as a medical therapy can:

  • lower blood pressure and risk of heart attack

  • control blood sugar and prevent, improve, and reverse diabetes

  • reduce inflammation and thus reduce pain

  • improve inflammatory medical conditions


Our Integrative Approach

Obesity and inflammation are significant factors in many chronic diseases. This makes medically supervised weight loss an essential part of good comprehensive and restorative medical care. An anti-inflammatory diet, low in carbs and high in greens and vegetables  is a cornerstone of our comprehensive treatment for returning weight to normal. The good news is that this kind of diet reduces pain and inflammation as well as facilitating weight loss.

We begin with a consultation on how you gained the weight. Sometimes it may not be obvious. Testing for undiscovered health problems may reveal why you gained weight or why you can’t get it off. Low thyroid function is a medical condition associated with weight gain. If your thyroid hormone levels are low or in the low normal range and you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, a trial of thyroid hormone may be indicated. Supplementing with thyroid hormone in this situation can improve metabolism and energy as well as facilitate weight loss. Other medical conditions that may lead to weight gain include stress, sleep apnea and sleep deprivation. Stress raises cortisol levels and this increases sugar and insulin levels leading to fat storage.


  • We begin with a complete medical assessment that includes a history and physical and complete blood work to identify metabolic and any thyroid problems. Additional conventional testing may include Glucose Tolerance Testing, Lipid Profile and electrocardiogram (EKG). Beyond your baseline weight, additional measures to be documented may include your waist-to-/hip ratio and Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA). This noninvasive test measures your body’s muscle and fat mass (fat%), extracellular and intracellular water levels, caloric requirement, cellular health, function and membrane integrity.

  • Learn to choose natural foods that provide nutrients and work best to achieve your weight loss goals. Processed foods and foods that promote inflammation and weight gain are limited and avoided.  Exercise is encouraged to reduce stress, burn calories and increase metabolism.

  • Thought processes – Learn how to change your relationship with food. Food can be for nutrition or for comfort. If you are a stress eater, then it is essential to address stress and implement strategies to manage it more effectively. Your mind is one of your most powerful tools and is an integral part of reaching and maintaining your goals.


The most important therapy for permanent weight loss is, of course, diet and therapeutic lifestyle changes. We teach you about carbohydrates, fats, and protein and how they affect appetite and weight. You’ll be taught which foods and supplements help burn fat and reduce cravings, and which ones you need to avoid. Instruction includes group lectures and nutritional discussions as well as individual consultations.

Exercise  is also emphasized as a therapy for weight loss. The powerful effect of aerobic exercise and activity in reducing stress makes it very useful for emotional and stress eating issues. More exercise burns calories and builds lean muscle, which is important for long-term weight control because it increases overall metabolic rate.



  • Many patients have a difficult time losing weight due to a combination of thyroid, neurotransmitter, adrenal, and other hormonal issues. Testing can include specialty testing to address the hormone or neurotransmitter imbalance.

  • We will work with you to develop your customized weight loss program which will encompass not only what food to eat to achieve a healthy weight, but what behaviors and thought processes will make your results permanent. Making psychological changes is a key step ignored by most programs; which focus only on food. Too often the wrong food choices are made due to lack of knowledge or stress eating. Both must be addressed.


There are no calories to count. Changing your mindset and habits allows you to feel satisfied with your food choices, your weight and most importantly, yourself.  You will be taught to change your mind set about healthy eating and stop the cycle of losing and regaining; you will learn the techniques that will enable you to follow your nutritious eating plan in any situation.
You will learn simple, effective interventions when challenged by stress, time constraints and cravings. As you gain awareness of the principles of eating for nutrition and health you will be able to apply them when traveling, dining out and on vacation.


 Equipped with a customized, medically based, detailed program addressing food choices, stress management and exercise you will have the tools you need for permanent success. We will teach you the skills you need for successful, permanent weight loss and important lifestyle changes for long-term health benefits beyond losing weight. In accordance with our philosophy of treating your body, mind, and spirit our approach to weight loss provides tools for good health, high energy, mental clarity, and absence of disease in the later years.


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