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About Us:

Dr. Marco: A personal note


As a board certified family physician with many years of experience, I have come to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of conventional medicine.  Opening a blocked coronary artery or antibiotics to cure pneumonia is a modern miracle indeed.  However, the more common, chronic diseases do not do as well in the conventional apporach of making a diagnosis and choosing a pharmaceutical drug.  These medications may be helpful, but in many chronic health problems they do not cure ailments or restore health.  Unfortunately, the side effects of pharmeceutical treatments can reduce the quality of life and even cause death.  I believe there can not be limits to the search for answers to my patients' health problems.  This belief has guided me in the development to a personalized, integrative approach to optimal health.  By using conventional medicine as a starting point and adding effective remedies from natural and nutritional medicine, I am able to provide my patients with the counsel they seek and be a more effective partner in restoring health.

Education- short bio


Upon completing by undergraduate studies at Bradley University, I attended the University of Illinois Medical School.  After that I completed a three year residency in Chicago to become a Board Certified Family Physician.  My interest in mental health led me to completing a two year program in family and marital counseling at the Family Institute of Northwestern University.  After completing my family practice residency, I went to work as a Rush University Medical Center physician in the Lincoln Park office.  I remained there until 2011.


Looking for answers about chronic diseases, I spent years learning about the research in mind-body medicine, where the connection between stress and illness became all too clear.  By 1988, I was presenting stress management lectures and later workshops to my patients to reduce their chronic symptoms and the use of medications.  Soon after, I helped develop the first five annual Mind-Body Medicine Conferences at Rush University Medical Center (1990-1994).  In 1999, I was introduced to nutrional medicine as a therapeutic option at a workshop taught by Dr. Jonathan Wright and Dr. Alan Gaby.  There I was introduced to evidence-based support for the importance of nutrition for restoring health and effectiveness of many nutritional medicine remedies.  In 2007, a conference on bio-identical hormone replacement helped me see how stress, nutrition, and hormones were all connected.  Later that year I began a private practice part-time, putting together all of the knowledge I had acquired beyond my conventional medicine training.  That practice became Whole Health MD.

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