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What to Expect at Whole Health MD


A medical consultation is meant to be your opportunity to meet with a physician to discuss your health concerns in a way that allows you to tell your story to an empathic listener committed to work with you towards your health goals. With all the treatment options available today, I felt patients needed to be able to “consult” with a physician well versed in conventional medicine and alternative medical options as well.


We provide patient-centered, quality medical consultations to patients seeking a comprehensive, integrative path to optimal health.  Our extensive experience in conventional, integrative and nutritional medicine, allows us to tailor solutions to your individual health concerns. From the moment you begin your initial consultation, sitting face to face with Dr. De La Cruz, you will understand the depth of our approach and what “patient-centered” healthcare means. Depending on your personal preferences, we can discuss conventional medicine approach/treatments or more natural and nutritional treatment options. All the while we will be encouraging healthy lifestyle and nutrition as the cornerstone of preventing disease and restoring health.


Getting Started

In order to start off on the right track, we begin your first consultation with a review of your medical history and a physical examination.  Upon completing your history and physical, we will recommend routine blood and urine testing from a conventional laboratory.  In some cases, specialty testing such as for adrenal fatigue or IBS or menopause symptoms may be recommended. After we have compiled a comprehensive health narrative, we begin to discuss your personalized, integrative treatment plan.


It is at this point that our partnership in your health begins.  We provide you with the conventional and alternative options to begin to address your health concerns. Together we plan the strategies to move you towards better health. insights and actions you can use to tackle everyday health concerns. Through it all, we are here to provide you the education and encouragement you need, whether it be in follow-up consultations, a quick pep talk or life/stress management workshops.  With two offices across metropolitan Chicago, your optimal health is always within reach.

At Whole Health MD you have access to :


  • Comprehensive evaluation to assess your present health and risk factors

  • Conventional medicine testing and treatments

  • Nutritional medicine treatments options for preventing, treating and improving medical conditions

  • Nutritional assessment and counseling

  • Bio-identical hormone restoration

  • Food allergy/sensitivity testing

  • Specialty testing

  • Initial Consultation: Comprehensive evaluations to assess your present health and risk factors


After you have downloaded and filled-out a detailed health and symptom questionnaire you will meet with Dr. De La Cruz for an initial consultation. This meeting will review your health concerns, symptoms, health history and risk factors. Based on this discussion appropriate testing will be ordered with your approval that includes blood tests for blood chemistries, thyroid function, lipid profiles and saliva test for hormone evaluation. Allow 45 to 60 minutes for this initial consultation.

Path to Wellness
Paths to Wellness


  • Integrative - With Conventional medicine as a base, we go beyond that with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to whole health as described in Balancing Act, the book written by Dr. De La Cruz and given to each of his patients when they begin treatment with him.

  • Preventative - Preventative medical services are based on an understanding of how malnutrition, stress, impaired detoxification, food allergy/sensitivities, and hormone imbalances start the shift from health (balance) to symptoms and disease (imbalance).

  • Restorative - Restorative medicine is science and human physiology, not pharmacology. Science has already discovered the knowledge of the nutrients, herbs and natural bio-identical hormones already being used by gifted medical practitioners to truly restore health.

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